Then to the elements – 2018, 15m
Composer: Lewis Murphy
Youth chorus, mezzo-soprano; chamber ensemble
Commission/premiere: Scottish Opera

Belongings – 2017, 1h
Composer: Lewis Murphy
Youth chorus, soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone; chamber ensemble
Commission/premiere: Glyndebourne Festival Opera

First Date – 2017, 5m
Composer: Lewis Murphy
Baritone, tenor; violin, bass clarinet
Commission/premiere: Sound Festival, Aberdeen

Die Hilflose Hand (‘The Helpless Hand’) – 2015, 10m
Composer: Jan Gorjanc
Baritone, soprano; chamber ensemble or piano duet
Premiere: St James’ Church, Sussex Gardens

Now – 2014, 13m
Composer: Lewis Murphy
2 Soprani, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone; chamber ensemble
Commission/premiere: Royal College of Music/T
ête-à-Tête Festival


P. U. C. K. – 2016, 1h
Composers: Benjamien Lycke and Mahlon Berv
6 singers; 4 dancers; symphony orchestra; live technology design
Premiere: Amaryllis Fletcher Concert Hall, Royal College of Music

Damsel/Wife/Witch – 2015, 1h10
Composer: Lewis Murphy; Co-scriptwriter: Richard Walls
2 actors, mezzo-soprano; piano
Song Cycle Premiere: Glyndebourne Festival Opera
Theatre Premiere: Asylum Chapel, London, by And So Forth


Your Name Unknown (from Song Cycle ‘Unsex Me Here’) – 2017, 3m
Composer: Griffin Candey
Mezzo-soprano; string quartet
Premiere: TBC

Delighted To Announce – 2017, 4m
Composer: Griffin Candey
Soprano and piano
Premiere: Sparks and Wiry Cries, SongSLAM

All Children, Except One – 2016, Song Cycle: 20m
Composer: Griffin Candey
Mezzo-soprano; viola, cello, clarinet, bassoon
Premiere: Bard College, New York

The Avian Eye – 2015, Song Cycle: 40m
Composers: Benjamien Lycke and Mari Sainio
Baritone, soprano; violin, cello, clarinet, bassoon
Commission and premiere: National Gallery/Royal College of Music